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 10Thirteen Vintage... infuses love of modern & vintage fashion into an online boutique, fill a bag events & pop-up shops. 10Thirteen brings vintage-lovers chic, funky-yet high quality , wide variety and reasonably priced gems to the streets. With our keen eye and an inherent taste for vintage clothing and jewelry....This online shop boasts an edited combination of estate finds and high-end pieces that customers crave!  With an appreciation of quality we travel around to source, collect and thrift pieces that are as relevant today as when first created.  10Thirteen Vintage offers an exhaustive collection of affordable pieces from italian made clutches dating back to the 1950's, embroidered sequin pieces, and designer labels like Louis Vuitton, Munchen, and Gucci. With the highest appreciation for the life of each item we dry clean and steam every garment.  Each item is carefully selected and you can expect bright colors, leather, fur and  sizes from 0 to 20. New items arrive every week. The finds are worth every penny. 

The steals are limitless. We look back to create what's forward! 





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