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                                            TO BE DETERMINED 


                           (bag size options available for different price option)

Fill A Bag Events Are usually held every 4 months in Connecticut.

The Filling begins at 11:00 am, We suggest you arrive early! There is always a line.

Fill-A-Bag Guidelines:  

*Upon entering you will be required to pay the $80 Fill-A-Bag event entrance fee and will receive one medium size paper shopping bag and a mask. Each additional bag is $80. 

* Once you've completed your shopping, see one of our associates. An associate will fasten the handles of your shopping bag and provide you with information regarding upcoming 10Thirteen Vintage Events.

* Your shopping bag must be able to close by holding the two handles together. If you are unable to close your bag, you will have the option of either purchasing the excess items separately or buying another $80 shopping bag.

*Public restroom/fitting rooms are not available (make sure you know your European sizing before arriving.

*We do not have the facilities to care for children. If you bring your childrenwith you, please be advised that you must provide constant supervision for them while you are shopping. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. 

Happy Shopping!

 *You can also shop the FANCEE Collection, for the higher end of life*

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